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Wellness Program

Grindstone Fitness is offering an all inclusive wellness program to clients. The Wellness Program will encompass meal preparation, meal planning and virtual training that is customized to each client’s needs. Client’s will have individual macro calculations based on their goals and current fitness level to ensure that a well-rounded wellness program is established and maintained for each client. 

Meal Preparation

Each of our meals are specifically prepared and sized with your macro-nutrients in mind. Our chef and dietitian have formulated fully prepared menu items to fit all lifestyles and nutritional needs. We have created food plans for vegetarian's, vegans, paleo and keto diets to allow a wide range of lifestyles to benefit from our wellness program. Our meals are ready to eat in 3 minutes and take the stress out of food prep, allowing you the time to focus on the other elements of your wellness program. 

Meal Planning

Our clients will each have an initial one-on-one consultation with our licensed dietitian to determine a list of foods that will be incorporated into their meal plan. As meals are prepared the items that appear in our clients have included on their list of food items will be selected to make up the macro-nutrients that have been specifically calculated for each client. As fitness and wellness levels change our dietitian will make adjustments to each client’s calculated macros to ensure continued results as the client moves along to meet their wellness goals. 

Practicing Yoga

Virtual Training

Our virtual training program allows you to plan and select the training programs to target specific muscle groups and to specifically meet your fitness goals. Our virtual training will allow you to hand-select the dates and times that you prefer to schedule your workouts. These workouts can be done anywhere and will indicate where and when equipment is required although there are many virtual workouts that don’t require equipment or large areas. 

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