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Let's Move Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Let's Move Inc is an afterschool Youth Fitness Program designed to eradicate childhood obesity starting with students in North-Fulton (Alpharetta).  The afterschool program also helps to develop athletic abilities in children, by focusing on the fundamentals of various sports, to build confidence and community among students. The afterschool program has launched at Alpharetta Elementary and Manning Oaks Elementary with plans to expand to 3 additional schools in the area by the Fall of 2023.

a 501 (c) 3

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The goal of the Let's Move Atlanta program is to eradicate obesity in children to improve their overall health and decrease their likelihood of developing life-threatening diseases. The owners of Let's Move Inc. have begun this initiative with a focus on North-Fulton and intend to expand the program across Georgia and beyond. 


  1. To lower the BMI of each participant to 30 or lower within 6 months of enrollment. To decrease the likelihood of heart disease, high cholesterol, and other diseases in our participants.

  2. For students to make meaningful memories while enhancing their physical fitness.

  3. To elevate the heart rate of participants to maintain healthy wellness levels.

  4. To boost the confidence of each participant in our program


  • Family-oriented fitness company

  • Comprised of professional trainers and staff Over 20 years combined experience

  • Fitness for all fitness levels

  • Guaranteed to improve our client’s fitness level


“Our mission is to be the fitness factor in our client's health and wellness journey.”

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Let's Move Inc. initiative is an afterschool Youth Fitness Program. Our program was created to fight against childhood obesity. In support of this initiative, our afterschool program focuses on combatting obesity in children through physical fitness. While fighting obesity in children, our program also works to develop athletic abilities in children, by focusing on the fundamentals of various sports. 

Let's Move Inc. is currently hosted at Alpharetta Elementary and Manning Oaks Elementary in Alpharetta, GA with plans to expand the program at other select schools in the Alpharetta area. Sessions 2 hours, once per week and are staffed with two (2) coaches for every ten (10) kids.

Our program leaders apply a broad-brush approach to the activities that make up our program, this approach encourages inclusivity of all students and ability levels. To achieve this at each of our sessions, we focus on making meaningful memories for our students while enhancing their physical fitness. Our after-school program provides an environment with various activities and games that encourage students to work together in teams to challenge themselves to do their individual best. 

We have had success at achieving miraculous results at Manning Oaks and Alpharetta Elementary and we would be delighted to speak with you to develop a partnership to expand our program to other schools in Alpharetta and later around the Metro-Atlanta area. 

If you wish to support the cause please feel free to donate to Let's Move Inc below. Your donation will be used to further enhance our program, giving us the ability to reach and help more kids.

Thank you!

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